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750 Words

I've been trying out a useful writing motivation tool for the last couple of weeks called 750 Words. I waited to blog about it because I've jumped the gun in the past and thought something sounded incredible but then found that it didn't live up to its potential. Last year it was a site that let you share the book you were reading with others and everyone could comment on it. Fantastic idea but the site itself was so very badly done that just trying to use it as intended was an exercise in frustration and I ended up feeling bad about dragging my friends into trying it.

750 Words is as simple as its name. When you sign up there you get an email every day at the time of your choosing that reminds you to go write. You can opt out of the email if you want but I find that it's very motivating to have it sitting there until I do something about it.

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Bitch Pleeze

Why would you trust...

...a man who is famous for lying?


James Frey, the author of the *ahem* fact challenged "memoir" A Million Little Pieces, wants YOU to write books for him. Must be able to write to an outline, meet deadlines, and not question the small print in the contract.

Oh, and if you make the grade you can't tell anyone.

John Skalzi's response to the NY Times story:


"Just to be clear, if James Frey (or anyone else) tried to offer me this contract to write a book, here’s what I would do: Have my agent schedule a meeting with him for the clear and specific purpose of kicking him hard and square in the balls."
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Leap of Faith - Revised

Thanks to the help of fenikkusuken, iniondia, christinam33, and Spelunker I've fixed the commas and done some fine tuning on the rest.

I've posted the revised version to Fanfiction.Net, Mediaminer, and Paper Demon.

I would have put it in my DA account too but once again it's defeated me. It requires a preview image but doesn't give any sort of option for the standard fiction preview image of just the first words and I don't want to mess around creating something like that.
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Fanfic: Leap of Faith

EDIT 4/11/08

I saw today that this story has been nominated for an IYFG award. Thanks Robert! The link given was to this early version which contains a number of uncorrected punctuation errors and lacks additions and subtractions that were done after I had a chance to get more than a quick look over by a beta. Please click on the Leap of Faith banner you see to your left to go to the final edited version at FF.Net.

Leap of Faith
by Ranuel
Summary: The biggest challenge is just being alive. Written for Forthright's Leap Day Challenge.
Pairing: Miroku/Sango
Rating: PG
1609 words

Thanks to Christina for a quick beta!

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I Hate It when I'm Right

I got one of forthrightly's lovely banners just for being nominated which makes it much better . When I was nominated this quarter I didn't expect to win, I was really happy to be seconded even, but dead last a couple of slots below "No award should be given" is somewhat embarrassing. I feel a bit like Charlie Brown.

- Divinations of a Curious Nature by Abraxas, 11 votes, 22.92%
- Goldenrod by Fenikkusuken, 7 votes, 14.58%
- Miroku Meditates by Knittingknots, 6 votes, 12.50%
- InuYasha's Dream by Knittingknots, 5 votes, 10.42%
- The Power to Protect by Ginger Bits, 5 votes, 10.42%
- Sometimes The Wind by Knittingknots, 5 votes, 10.42%
- The Journey's End: An Epic Poem by JediK1, 3 votes, 6.25%
- No Award Should be Given, 3 votes, 6.25%
- Kissing and Quotients by Silent Scribe, 2 votes, 4.17%
- Resurrection by Ranuel, 1 votes, 2.08%

No, that one vote wasn't mine, the poem I voted for didn't win either though.

Really, being considered the 9th best poem of the quarter is pretty darn good given it's the first poetry I've done in years and how much IY poetry is out there.

Congratulations to Abraxas (AKA Ren), fenikkusuken, and Knittingknots for their wins.
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And Not A Moment Too Soon

Fanfiction.Net is looking for 25 Beta readers:

October 12th, 2007 -- The site is looking for 25 volunteers to help test a new feature in development. We are looking for long time users of the site that are both active readers and writers. Interested parties must have an site account for at least 1 year and is knowledgeable to the world of beta-reading. If you qualify and are willing, please email support@fanfiction.com with "Tester Account" as the subject line.

So, do you think that picking out the errors in their notice is a deliberate test to see if the person qualifies or do they REALLY need betas?
Evil Grin


I got a review at FF.Net for Resurrection! My first review at FFNet! And it's not even from a friend,  somebody random just found it and liked it!

This post needs more exclamation marks!!!!!!!

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Writing as a Job

Most people who write as a hobby probably give at least a passing thought to what it would be like to write professionally. For me the attraction would be doing something I love, working from home, and being able to set my own schedule for the most part. No more going to bed at 9 and getting up at 5:30 even though I'm a night owl. No more hour spent on the interstate every day. For a successful writer there would be book tours with hellish schedules but they wouldn't be a day-to-day grind sort of thing.

A lot of people have a fantasy tough that once you sell one novel you will live a life of relative luxury. You will sleep until noon, do three or four hours of work, and then relax in your hot tub or head out to a party. After all J.K. Rowling only has to put out a less than a book a year and she's one of the richest women in the UK.

But she's the exception. The sad fact is that many pros often can't make a living at writing alone. If they do often theirs is the second income and their spouse has a “real job” with benefits and retirement plans. Often they moonlight as a professional writer and make the bulk of their money doing something else like teaching. The stats are better for writers than for actors but they still aren't very encouraging.


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Neil Gaiman on Amazon Reviews

I suspect that most authors don't really want criticism, not even constructive criticism. They want straight-out, unabashed, unashamed, fulsome, informed, naked praise, arriving by the shipload every fifteen minutes or so. Unfortunately an Amazon.com reviews page for one of the author's books is the wrong place to go looking for this. Probably best just not to look.

From his blog, September 22, 2004