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Debby Does Florida

It's been a very not fun week. Last week of the financial year and tons of stuff to do related to that, my car broke down and needed expensive repairs, and a tropical storm decided on a Florida vacation.

Lots of flooding in my area and the road I usually take to get from my neighborhood to the highway is going to be closed for a long time but damage at my place was minimal and I have another way out. I lost a medium big tree but it wasn't near any structures. There's flooding in my backyard but it's still a few feet away from my home which is elevated enough to be safe anyway. There was apparently some flash flooding through my yard while I was away overnight and there's a path that is scoured down to the sand leading past my front door and several things that were sitting next to the steps are missing. Found my big outside garbage can floating down in the flood area trapped in some trees so I'll get it back eventually.

I did get to unexpectedly spend two nights in a motel and used their WiFi to download a ton of podcasts and old radio shows to listen to on my commute so there's that. I was so busy with that and other stuff though I only had one thing on my rec list this week and the file got corrupted so I don't even remember what it was. Sorry.

Here's a super short video I took of the road that got closed.

Mini Me

Long Post of Linkiness

It's been a good week for cool stuff but I realized that I had stuff in email, chat, and tumblr that wasn't making its way here so have some linkspam:

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This is the final final edit I hope. I've been trying to get this posted with all links and formatting working for 2 hours.  Tip: Don't use the automatic crosspost feature at Dreamwidth anymore  if you mirror there. Since the last LJ update the HTML will not survive the trip without a gltich.