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Went to the fair

A couple of weekends ago I made it to the local county fair for the first time in years. I finally have the pictures uploaded and organized!


I enjoyed the critters and the lights. The exhibit halls were a big disappointment though. I remember when I was a kid the local organizations would go all out on their booths. This year things were mostly sorta slapped together and things like the crafts were just jumbled up and not displayed well at all.

There was an amazing drum group who performed on empty plastic water cooler jugs. I wish I'd thought to get video of them. They were tossing sticks around and mugging for the audience and just having fun.
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Happy Halloween

I lost the contest at work to Mayhem and the US Women's Olympic Gymnastics Team but I'm pretty happy with my costume and as it turned out TPTB forgot to buy the traditional gift certificate prize so all they get is bragging rights anyway.Halloween 2012

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A Note on Unfollowing

I've recently realized that I've been behind on the stuff I follow for over a year. I frantically get caught up on one thing only at the expense of letting other things fall behind and using time I should be using for more productive things.

I'd really like to try to start writing again and all too often the large unread pile facing me when I boot up the computer is an excuse not to. "I'll do that after I catch up on Twitter, after all there's a limit to how far back you can go and I wouldn't want to miss X" has become a lie I tell myself on a daily basis. After all, by the time I catch up on Twitter then I need to catch up on Tumblr and in the meantime I got update notices for stories that I really love reading and I'm two weeks behind on a comic strip I love and I haven't even opened Google Reader in a month.

Since I don't have a TARDIS I'm going to have to bite the bullet and unfollow at least a fourth of the stuff I'm following between Tumblr, Live Journal, Twitter, Blogger, and an assortment of other sites through Google Reader. Better to miss out entirely on a lot of stuff I like then to just end up getting frustrated because it backs up unread. I have several hundred fanfic update notices in my email box right now. It just took me several hours to get caught up on Twitter after a busy week and I'm still at least 3 days behind on Tumblr.

I hate this since I originally followed these blogs, twitter feeds, and Tumblr streams because I liked the stuff that was posted there or personally liked the person doing the posting and wanted to get to know them. I'm trying to ease into it and unfollow one per day until such time as I look around and find I'm managing to read all new material while occasionally having time to read some of the bookmarked backlog.

If someone reading this gets the cut, I'm sorry. It wasn't anything you did to offend. Right now if you aren't personal friend posting about your real life, someone that I have actual conversations with from time to time, someone who posts content directly relevant to my current obsessions, or someone who posts information that keeps me from being culturally illiterate then you have a chance of being unfollowed even though your stuff is really excellent. I'm reading posts about important real life events in the lives of people I actually know several months after the fact and I can't participate in a forum I'd love to be active in with several people I've met in real life because I'm constantly behind there and something has to give.

If you feel that there are other blogs I haven't cut that aren't as good as yours please don't be offended. It may just be that on any given day in the next month your post was the first I saw that didn't fall into one of those safe for now categories, or you post a lot more then they do, and they may be next. You are in good company. I've already unfollowed a well known actor who I admire and a professional journalist. Besides, I found the things I follow when they were linked or reblogged by others so there's a chance I'll still see your best stuff.

If I do unfollow you know that I'll miss your stuff and I really do wish I had a TARDIS or a Time Turner. If you happen to have a TARDIS or a Time Turner please contact me immediately.

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Debby Does Florida

It's been a very not fun week. Last week of the financial year and tons of stuff to do related to that, my car broke down and needed expensive repairs, and a tropical storm decided on a Florida vacation.

Lots of flooding in my area and the road I usually take to get from my neighborhood to the highway is going to be closed for a long time but damage at my place was minimal and I have another way out. I lost a medium big tree but it wasn't near any structures. There's flooding in my backyard but it's still a few feet away from my home which is elevated enough to be safe anyway. There was apparently some flash flooding through my yard while I was away overnight and there's a path that is scoured down to the sand leading past my front door and several things that were sitting next to the steps are missing. Found my big outside garbage can floating down in the flood area trapped in some trees so I'll get it back eventually.

I did get to unexpectedly spend two nights in a motel and used their WiFi to download a ton of podcasts and old radio shows to listen to on my commute so there's that. I was so busy with that and other stuff though I only had one thing on my rec list this week and the file got corrupted so I don't even remember what it was. Sorry.

Here's a super short video I took of the road that got closed.


Three weeks in a row! I may be able to make a go of this.

Yesterday I ordered my first Smart Phone. It will get here Tuesday and even though I've resisted getting one for years I'm finding I'm really excited about playing with it. IT at work is making noises about blocking streaming audio again and if I can't listen to music on Pandora or old radio shows on YouTube I might commit work place violence.

After looking at the options it didn't make sense to get an iPod that would stream audio when I was illegible for a free phone upgrade. Plus, I've had a lot more things added to my duties in the last several months that require me to be in a given place at a given time and I can't always rely on being at my desk for Outlook to remind me.
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Updates all around

When LJ did its last update I could finally get it to load on my computer at home without hitting refresh multiple times and disabling Java. I spent a couple of weekends working my way through backlogged update notices and cleared a couple of hundred items out of my overstuffed Gmail inbox.

And then Firefox updated and I'm back where I started.


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Technical Difficulties. Please Stand By

I'm sure some of you remember me whining about being on dial-up. Well, something has updated at LJ that hates dial-up even more than I do and it's kept me from posting much for a while now. If I visit LJ from home getting a page to load requires hitting refresh multiple times, sometimes over a half hour or more. Getting the post page to load is just as bad if not worse and even if I get it to load the post itself sometimes glitches.

It's something to do with Java scripts hanging up, probably because whoever set things up didn't set whatever to allow enough time for dialup to load and it just assumes there's a problem and gives up. If I turn Java off pages load pretty normally except for being not being able to reply to stuff. Of course with Java turned off you can't post. /sigh/ Once I've loaded a Journal sometimes I can turn Java back on, refresh it and have it load okay and be able to reply and even get other entries in the same journal to load but that trick doesn't work well with posting and it doesn't work every time.

It's just such a huge PITA to post under current conditions that it's not really worth it most of the time but I'm not leaving permanently.  If things go the way I hope I'll be able to get a faster connection next year but in the meantime I'll only be showing up when I happen to be able to use Wifi and have something I really need to post about. If you want to keep up with things like links to cool stuff then you'll need to follow me on Twitter or Tumblr. I'm @Ranuel03 on Twitter and you can find me on Tumblr at Ranuel.Tumblr.com