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Sallie Gardner Calvert Beal

You taught me to play Gin Rummy, make Christ mas trees out of the Reader's Digest, got me addicted to bread and butter pickles, took me fishing, came to my performances, and were a second mother. You had a good full life and all of us kids are missing you.
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Madeleine L'Engle 1918-2007

I guess no matter how old someone is when they die if they had a big impact on you you wish they had had more time to do whatever it is that they did. I still haven't read all of L'Engle's books, some of them are out of print, some the library just didn't have when I looked, and I sort of got side tracked from my quest to read them all a few years ago and somehow never started up again so I still have fresh works to explore but it's sad to know that they are now a finite set.

Like C.S. Lewis and Andrew Greeley L'Engle helped shaped my concept of what it means to be Christian. For the most part her characters' faith existed in much the same way mine does, as a solid background and a daily striving, not as an insecure need to prove something to others.

I appreciated that she didn't talk down to her YA audience when I was of the target age and it makes re-reading her work as an adult just as pleasurable as it was then. I learned about Mitochondria from her long before it was covered in any class and knowing what a tesseract is is still a recognition sign between nerds.

And as a nerd I really, really appreciated and loved the character of Charles Wallace. I wish she had written more with him.

In a time when the biggest kids series is the Harry Potter books, a series that L'Engle complained lacked any depth, it's even sadder to lose a writer who wasn't afraid to tackle the big issues that kids have to come to terms with growing up: faith, evil, death, standing up for a principle even if it means going against society's norm, and love. It always came back to love in all it's forms with her.

Wiki has a halfway decent introduction to her and her work.

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Albert Ellis 1913-2007

Albert  Ellis revolutionized psychotherapy by proposing that people didn't have to be helpless victims of their pasts and that endlessly going over their life with a Freudian Analyst could do more harm than good. He founded cognitive behavior therapy, the principles of which helped me dig my way out of depression, and so he is in no small part responsible for saving my life, or at least my sanity, even though I first learned of his ideas via a book written by one of his students.

Every profession needs someone who is willing to barbecue sacred cows and speak his mind and he filled the role well. He even recently filed suite against the BOD of his own institute.

93 is a good run and he was active up to the end with a newly finished book that will be published posthumously.

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Kurt Vonnegut 1922-2007


I wasn't the huge fan that Katje is, I somehow have just not gotten around to reading  more than Slaughterhouse-Five and a couple of essays, but I enjoyed it whenever he got interviewed. It feels like Earth became a little more shadowed by his passing. We need curmudgeonly old guys who are willing to declare that the Emperor has no clothes on a regular basis.
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Robert Anton Wilson 1932-2007

The co-author of the Illuminati series passed away January 11th. The Telegraph has an excellent obit:


His webpage has a brief mention:


If you've never read any of his work I highly recommend it but be warned. It isn't light beach reading and you may need a few days afterwards to process it. It's the sort of stuff that, even when he is being silly, gets into your head and plays around with the software. Maybe especialy when he is being silly. 

Here is his Wiki entry for more info


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It's been awfully quiet. Too quiet. Fano, who replies to stuff a lot less interesting than that,  didn't say a word about this morning's post. I was feeling slightly lonely but then I thought, "Hey, I tried posting draft posts as private only and then changed them back and changed the date to post them. What if they never got changed back?". 

So, I looked at my journal, then I went to Fano's friends page and after going ever further back I finally found that my last four posts show up here as public but do not show up at all on the friends pages of those who have friended me.


I just went through and deleted them and am reposting them as one long post. 

PS, I am way behind on reading MY friends page. Expect a bunch of comments this weekend. Or not since I'm getting the trailer Saturday and my cousin is in town for a visit. I'll catch up eventually. Really.


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