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Got the Moves

So VERY NOT Beefcake

Totally cute and funny though.

If guys dancing in their Fruit of the Looms with a big plastic leaf pasted on front are safe for your work place then, yes, it's safe for work. I work in a hospital so my standards may be skewed.
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Sake Brewing in Shrines and Temples

Sake World Newsletter Issue #75
Sake Brewing in Shrines and Temples


There is a reason Mushin has a constant supply, he probably makes it himself.

In addition to the history of Sake brewing there are some interesting tidbits about the interaction between Buddhist monks and Shinto priests. At one point they happily shared temples as well as the results of their brewing. 

OMG Magic

Japanese Lifestyle


I can almost guarantee that if you haven't read the rest of this post your first reaction upon clicking that link will be to think I've lost my mind. The big ads for hot Japanese girls and hotels give it a particularly tabloid trashy look. What could be of interest here?

Quite a lot actually once your eyes adjust and you can focus on the text. Here you will find links to dozens of articles on just about everything Japanese, many of which are illustrated. Some are better than others, and most are drawn from other sources, but there is a lot of good information here.

Do you want to know how the Japanese celebrate Christmas? What a wedding kimono looks like? What is the climate like? Need a map of the country or of a particular city?

Here you go.