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Voting is over at the Inuyasha Fan Guild awards so here's a big cheer for my F!listers who bagged some banners!
Edited because Feni disappeared for unknown reasons Twice.

The Phoenix Blade: Time Lapse
1st place Action Adventure
1st place Lemon
1st place Original Character – Fenik

Prelude to a Kiss

2nd place Vignette

Sesshoumaru in Seattle
1st place Crossover
3rd place Comedy


3rd place Poem/Verse

Great work ladies!

Mini Me

I Hate It when I'm Right

I got one of forthrightly's lovely banners just for being nominated which makes it much better . When I was nominated this quarter I didn't expect to win, I was really happy to be seconded even, but dead last a couple of slots below "No award should be given" is somewhat embarrassing. I feel a bit like Charlie Brown.

- Divinations of a Curious Nature by Abraxas, 11 votes, 22.92%
- Goldenrod by Fenikkusuken, 7 votes, 14.58%
- Miroku Meditates by Knittingknots, 6 votes, 12.50%
- InuYasha's Dream by Knittingknots, 5 votes, 10.42%
- The Power to Protect by Ginger Bits, 5 votes, 10.42%
- Sometimes The Wind by Knittingknots, 5 votes, 10.42%
- The Journey's End: An Epic Poem by JediK1, 3 votes, 6.25%
- No Award Should be Given, 3 votes, 6.25%
- Kissing and Quotients by Silent Scribe, 2 votes, 4.17%
- Resurrection by Ranuel, 1 votes, 2.08%

No, that one vote wasn't mine, the poem I voted for didn't win either though.

Really, being considered the 9th best poem of the quarter is pretty darn good given it's the first poetry I've done in years and how much IY poetry is out there.

Congratulations to Abraxas (AKA Ren), fenikkusuken, and Knittingknots for their wins.
Mini Me


I put up the first post of the Reference Library project this morning and I've probably spent nearly two hours off and on jiggering around with the tags and what they mean and creating the beginnings of an index and hot linking each subject to the tag. Found three typos along the way too.

I picked the item I did BECAUSE it covered so many areas and I knew it would give me a good start on the index but the reality was nearly overwhelming. I don't think any of the others will give me quite so much trouble.

In other news...

The IYFG Awards nomination period opened today so I also spent time finalizing my nominations. Now, in previous quarters I've mostly held back until towards the end because I've usually had two, or even three, noms in one or more categories that I was having trouble deciding between and I'd pick the one that nobody else did to make sure it made it to the ballot. This time....

Okay, I screwed up.

I have a spreadsheet that I use to track the stories that I want to nominate. I keep up to three for each category and as I find stuff that makes me say "Wow!" I evaluate if it's as good as what I've already got listed and if it is I boot the weakest story and add my new find. Somewhere around mid-February I just forgot to do this. I read lots of good fic through Inuerotica and Forth's challenges and from authors that I have on notify but while I remembered to comment on the really good stuff, I forgot to keep track of it consistently. So when I opened up the list it was looking pretty bare.

I managed to fill in some stuff from memory but I KNOW that there are stories that I would normally have in there that aren't and I can't for the life of me remember them. Like, I have NO noms in the Best Romance Miroku/Sango category and I've read good Miroku/Sango this quarter. Anyway, I went with what I had and went ahead and submitted my nominations in those categories where I had something.

So, you'll never know who you are, 'cause neither will I, but to those authors who may not get nominated because I"m an idiot, I really do apologize and I'll try to do better next time.

And, please don't take this the wrong way if I did nom you. After all, your story stuck in my memory enough to make the list so I'd probably have ended up nominating you anyway. This is mainly directed at those with stories in the empty categories where I know I would have had at least one story if I'd done what I was supposed to.

Oh, well, by getting my noms in early now I can concentrate on reading what everyone else is nominating and get ready for the vote.


I need a weekend to just to be a couch potato and catch up on stuff. I am a week behind in reading Live Journal blogs. The only reason I'm up to date on the rest of you is that you've been very nice about not updating much. Well, except for Whispers and I've just given up on even trying to get caught up there until Saturday. 

Also, way, way further behind on forums and for some reason Delphi and About are being glitchy and not always letting me know there is a post to me. If I ask Q9D for a list of new posts I'll just get depressed.

When, did something relaxing and fun become stressful? 

Okay, time to restructure what I read again. At least until the reading for IYFG and moving stuff settles down. In the meantime, expect comments on week old posts and not so much posting on my part. Although I was working on a rant Sunday that I'll probably be ready to post in a day or so. 

Also, got a few good shots at the faire and got them from the camera to the computer last night. Now I need to get those uploaded so I can post them here. Maybe tonight but don't hold your breath. 
Mini Me

IYFG Forth Quarter Awards

Nominations began today. Which pretty much means I will be reading almost nothing but IY fanfic for the next month so I can vote intellengently. I gorged on Kenshin and Harry Potter stuff last week to prepare Heh.

Good luck to the contenders! 

Luck and fortitude to the new screening committee who has to wade through ALL nominees to determine eligibility before the voting starts.