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I need an icon for guilty pleasures. I first read this story when it was in progress in 2004 and was reminded of it when I came across an old email where I recommended it to a friend when it was finished. It has so many things wrong with it that if I saw it nominated at IYFG I wouldn't hesitate to challenge it.

It has missing words, artifacts of previous drafts, uncorrected typos, some punctuation errors, in text author's notes (including a very annoying political one), warping of characterization to fit the story needs, inconsistent characterization, crossover with a series that has nothing in common with Inuyasha AT ALL, and the requirement to ignore a couple of BIG continuity errors but if you're like me....you'll be laughing too hard to care most of the time. I can forgive a lot for really good comedy. The scene where Inuyasha discovers Sharper Image alone is pure gold.

All Things Keep Getting Better by Drake 220 is a crossover between Inuyasha and Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. The Queer Eye boys spot Inuyasha on the street while on vacation in Japan and feel that they must stage an intervention. If Inuyasha's characterization wobbles at bit at times the author gets the Queer Eye guys dead on. If you are a fan of either show I highly recommend this.
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Fanfic Recommendation

If you haven't read Divine Intervention  by Aryndiel yet then jump to it! It's a one shot, it won't take that long.


Summary: Ever since the Bone Eater’s Well closed, Shippou has been watching. No one else seems to notice that Inuyasha is far from okay. Something has to change, but all Shippou can really do is pray for a miracle.

Absolutely perfect in every way this tells the real reason that Kagome was able to come back. Really good use of both canon and Japanese culture and as always with Ayrndiel excellent characterization.