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And it gets better (not)

$Spyed has announced that they WILL be changing the option effective today.


Based on past encounters with TPTB at DA I totally did not expect this and I did not expect him to be so respectful about it. I hope those that work under him take his lead in the future.


Nokari a "Senior Member" has added his own hateful comments to the situation:
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DeviantArt Strikes Again

A while back, at least a year or so, KrisCynical posted a lovely picture to DeviantArt of a twenty something Inuyasha and Kagome snuggling in bed under the blankets. The last chapter of the manga had come out in which we see Kagome graduate from high school and return to the past to marry Inuyasha. This was one of the pictures Kris was inspired to do based on that.

It was deleted for being kiddie porn on the grounds that the characters had been underage for most of the series and that even with the final chapter of them as adults about to start a new life together they would always be considered underage by DA and any pictures of them as adults would violate the "aging up" rule against depicting child characters as adults in sexual situations.

There was a major stink that got nowhere with the mods and one mod in particular expressed his view that we are all perverts who were into children.

That nude bondage photos of girls who were at best barely legal regularly got featured on the front page didn't prevent this moralizing.

Now their skewed moral code has made itself apparent in a change in the profile settings. New users no longer have the option of not revealing their "sex" they must chose male or female. If you don't flag one or the other you cannot set up an account. A reasonable request by a user who does not fit either bucket has been met with the same lack of customer care and outright scorn that we did only this time it's a lot more personal and nasty.


I haven't posted anything new to my account since the incident with Kris. I haven't closed it because I still follow a number of artists there but I don't spend a penny there and I highly recommend that if you go there you use adblock and check to see if you can buy prints from the artist directly instead of letting DA take their cut. If enough people stop giving them money they will have to either start listening to the users or shut down and make way for a site that will.