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Seriously. I haven't posted here in a month and I came in to find that it's different and I'm not seeing how it's in ways that fix previous problems. I've stopped posting to Tumblr since their last update made it too frustrating to deal with. When my queue runs out that's the last I'm reblogging there until the next update at least. I'll probably still post a link back here when I post because that's not as hard as doing a whole post but I was really loving Tumblr. :(

So, assuming I can get the page break to work clicky for many and varied links of goodness

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Three weeks in a row! I may be able to make a go of this.

Yesterday I ordered my first Smart Phone. It will get here Tuesday and even though I've resisted getting one for years I'm finding I'm really excited about playing with it. IT at work is making noises about blocking streaming audio again and if I can't listen to music on Pandora or old radio shows on YouTube I might commit work place violence.

After looking at the options it didn't make sense to get an iPod that would stream audio when I was illegible for a free phone upgrade. Plus, I've had a lot more things added to my duties in the last several months that require me to be in a given place at a given time and I can't always rely on being at my desk for Outlook to remind me.
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Any Cardcaptor Sakura fans out there?

I'm two episodes away from the end of the anime and I seriously need someone to squee with. Pleeese? I'd especially like to hear from anybody who has read the manga since I've just started reading that and I'm really curious about if, and how, the two differ.

And why is there so little good Touya/Yuki fanfic out there???

Plus, that call for fellow Hikaru no Go fans to come out of the woodwork from a few months ago still stands. Somebody else has got to like Hikaru/Akira.