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Review: The Forbidden Kingdom

When I picked this up at the library all I knew about it for sure was that it stared Jackie Chan and Jet Li. Being so completely unspoiled for it turned out to be a bad thing because frankly, the opening of the movie did not encourage me to want to spend the time to watch the rest.

We start with a really bad fight sequence in which a character in fantasy makeup leaps around mountain peaks while taking on a large group of opponents. The wire work is awful. There is no attempt to make it seem at all like the improbable leaps are the result of anything but a flying harness. Then it turns out to be a dream sequence and I'm willing to forgive it.

Jason Tripitikas, the kid having the dream,  is completely obsessed with kung fu movies. His room is wallpapered in posters, stills, and cut outs from magazines. He feeds his addiction by buying bootleg videos from a pawn shop in China Town for a couple of dollars each. We follow him there and meet the owner, an old man called Hop and see Jason accidentally discover that Hop has a beautiful golden staff in a back room. He explains that he is waiting for the rightful owner to return for it.

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Review: The Graveyard Book

The Graveyard BookThe Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

I follow Neil on Twitter and Tumbler and I read his blog. I read his various posts when he was writing this and when it came out and when it won awards. I somehow managed to remain at least 80% spoiler free and I had NO idea what this book would actually be like. EVEN THOUGH I realized as I was reading it that Neil had totally given it away in a subtle way more than once. I don't want to spoil it for anybody else because it was a lot of fun following the twists of the story and situation so I'll leave it at this:

If you haven't read it I recommend it. It isn't my favorite Gaiman but he is just that good that he's written so much good stuff that something this good only comes in around 5th. It's a very compelling story. I picked it up from the bookmobile after work, stopped to get something to eat on the way home and started reading it, got home and finished the whole thing before I went to sleep. A lot of the pleasure I got was slowly realizing how this book connected with one of my other favorite books by a different author and starting to actively make comparisons between them.

If you have read it I'd love to discuss it with you but please use big spoiler warnings or Rot13 for your comments.
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On Posting to Tumblr

Tumblr fixed something so that the stupid hovering popup box that opens now instead of a new window is scrollable with Firefox so I can actually get to all the important bits. Or maybe Firefox fixed something so that it would work better with sites who are using those stupid hovering popup boxes? I don't care. Either way I can post there now. The interface is still much, much less user friendly than it was before they "updated" but it's usable again. So far the only new stuff has been links back to here but that will change.

More importantly this week I learned the keyboard shortcuts that let you reblog immediately or add things to your queue without going through the hover box o'stupid so I am pretty much getting back into being an active user.
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Summer Knights Review

summer knightSummer Knight (Dresden #4)
Jim Butcher

There are massive spoilers here. I'm posting this more for discussion with anybody else who's read these than to entice someone into reading them. If my first three posts about this series haven't done that then nothing I say going forward probably will.

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