ranuel (ranuel) wrote,

The "Poetry of Marriott Edger


Link from Glyn at The Pepys Diary blog

I'm putting poetry in quotes because these comic gems were not written to be read as poems but rather recited as rhymed music hall monologues so the poetry can be a bit lacking (on purpose I think) but the humor does hold up very well.

Stanley Holloway was the performer for many, if not all of these, so if you've ever heard a recording of him just imagine that he's reading them to you. If you haven't just go for the best Lancashire dialect you can manage and then hunt down a recording of Stanley Holloway.

I particularly recommend The Lion and Albert, Albert's Return, and The Battle of Hastings. The last done as if the battle were a soccer match!

We've had an infestation by a serious bad poet over at WASIF recently so it's a treat to read GOOD bad poetry.

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