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ship_manifesto is doing a "Survival of the Hottest Ship" contest and hosting a vote for the hottest pairings of 2009. First they asked for nominations then they randomly sorted the couples (and triples and fourples) into a grid where they are competing against one other pairing. The list was so long they had to break it up and the first two sets for round one have already been voted on but you can still get on the third set (which includes Miroku/Sango!) if you head over before the 10 am EST Sunday deadline.

Round One Part Three

If you want to see the results from the first two parts go here: 

Round One Part One

Round One Part Two

And be sure to check back the day after the close of part three to continue to participate in future rounds. If you haven't already you really should  be watching this community anyway.

Some of these were so hard to decide between and it's only round one. ::wimpers:: 
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