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The future of our country rests with who now?

We get our printing done by a local company that mostly hires college students.

We use legal size free-standing signs that are dry mounted with a little cardboard easel on the back so they will stand up to reserve areas for use for particular therapy activities. The Speech Therapists requested that they have two of their own that specifically say "Reserved for Speech Therapy". I didn't want there to be a screw up so I called the company to find out what specifically to call the options.

Me: Hi, we used small free-standing signs, the sort that you can put on a table, and I need to get a couple of more but it's been several years and I want to make sure I call the kind we need the right thing.

Clerk: We don't do signs (probably meaning those engraved plastic ones).

Me: No, we got the ones we have from you several years ago. They are on some sort of foam core with a cardboard thingie on the back so they stand up.

Clerk: Oh, um, we could do dry mounting and we have easels that we could send with it to attach to the back.

Me: Yes! That's what I'm talking about. Does it matter if the original is on cardstock or regular paper? 

Clerk: We could print it on either one, are you emailing us the text? 

Me: No, I'm sending an original.

Clerk: It won't matter.

Decide to attach an old one to the order with a request that it be returned and a note on the order form that I want the new ones EXACTLY like the old ones except for the text.

Wednesday (this AM)
I have a voice mail waiting asking me if I want easels on the new signs like the old one has. Pretty sure it's the same clerk I talked to on Monday.
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