ranuel (ranuel) wrote,


I need a weekend to just to be a couch potato and catch up on stuff. I am a week behind in reading Live Journal blogs. The only reason I'm up to date on the rest of you is that you've been very nice about not updating much. Well, except for Whispers and I've just given up on even trying to get caught up there until Saturday. 

Also, way, way further behind on forums and for some reason Delphi and About are being glitchy and not always letting me know there is a post to me. If I ask Q9D for a list of new posts I'll just get depressed.

When, did something relaxing and fun become stressful? 

Okay, time to restructure what I read again. At least until the reading for IYFG and moving stuff settles down. In the meantime, expect comments on week old posts and not so much posting on my part. Although I was working on a rant Sunday that I'll probably be ready to post in a day or so. 

Also, got a few good shots at the faire and got them from the camera to the computer last night. Now I need to get those uploaded so I can post them here. Maybe tonight but don't hold your breath. 
Tags: hoggetowne, iyfg, real life
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