ranuel (ranuel) wrote,

MBC Will no longer be a regular feature and other bad news

I did a backup before I took the Acer in to the shop. I was still able to access my pictures and document files but for some reason when I did the copy not all folders transferred and the two main ones were a lot of my pictures and my music files. I'm not sure how many pictures I've lost, I'm pretty sure everything from the last year and possibly hundreds from earlier but yes, the Beefcake folder is among the missing. Most of it SHOULD have been on my back up drive from previous saves but no luck.

I was getting close to the end of the stuff I thought had general interest anyway and figured I could only keep it up for another three months or so more. At that point I was going to make it an occasional feature as I came accross a picture to share. This means that I've just hit that point a lot sooner than expected.

The good thing about running MBC is that I can recover the stuff I've already posted from the blog itself. What I'm really going to miss is my Trevor reference pictures. I'd just found a really good model for him this year. I think I emailed some of them to friends so I'm going to be digging through my email archive for them.

I've also lost hundreds of sound files. At least half of them are from CDs I own and as I come across one or another stash of them in various storage location I can get those back but I've legally downloaded a lot of free files over the years and I don't know how much of that is still out there.

My Firefox bookmarks are toast too.  I had close to a hundred IY stories marked to read later and at least that many more in other fandoms. No way to even remember what those are. What really hurts though is my sets of bookmarks for sites that I visit daily, weekly, and monthly that included several blogs that I'm working my way through from day one. It's going to take a lot of poking around to find where I was at in the Diary of Samuel Pepys and Limyael's rants. I KNOW I was up to Jan or Feb of last year with Neil Gaiman, and I linked to something recently that will make that one easy, but no idea what the dates are for Comics in Context or Mark Morford. I have my backed up IE bookmarks from a year ago (oh, God truely has a wicked sense of humor) so I will be able to recover a lot of reference links.

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