ranuel (ranuel) wrote,

Update 2 Damn, damn, damn.

It's the hard drive.


Options are: 

Purchase new drive and have it installed: $260.00 - Ready day after tomorrow.
Bring them my old laptop with the dead power system and see if they can create a frankenputer with it's brain: $135.00 (if it's compatable) - Ready day after tomorrow.

If the hard drive in my old system is damaged or incompatable I don't really want to put $260 into a $600 computer with a screen that that has issues (there is funky stuff around the edges that looks like it might be mildew inside. My alternative to THAT would be to buy a new cheap laptop: $600 at 19%interest on the credit card (unless they finance).

Either way once I leave here tonight I won't have access to the 'net until I get back to work tomorrow morning so I'm going to go clock out and come back to download some stuff to my Palm.
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