ranuel (ranuel) wrote,

Advance Warning: Full Moon in December

I've been trying to hold back on posting bare butt pics so that when they appeared they'd be something special and so that there wouldn't be a couple of weeks in a row where people who aren't on my friends list were left out. The ratio of bare butts to work safe has gotten pretty unbalanced in the unused pics folder though so I'm declaring December Full Moon Month. Consider it a Winter holiday of your choice prezzy.

That means if you want to see any of the Monday Beefcake posts for the month of December you need to step up and identify yourself (a private email is fine) as wanting to be on my friends list. You will of course need a Live Journal account to start with. If you just want to keep lurking, that's fine. We'll see you in January.
Tags: beefcake, mbc
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