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Longish post about how I spent the last two days. No fun memes or other such.

I am very glad that tomorrow is a holiday; I need a day off to recover from my weekend. I didn't get much sleep Friday night I was so excited about getting the trailer so I got up in plenty of time to get things organized.

I had parked my truck in the spot where I wanted to put the new trailer so the first thing on the list was to move it. I parked it there about 5 months ago. I had checked the oil and when I tried to close the hood it wouldn't latch. I messed with it for a while until I got frustrated and decided to try later. I drive the van to work and was just using the truck on weekends to haul stuff around so it was no big deal for it to sit for a week.

Well, with one thing and another it was close to two months later when the guys who towed off the two junkers fixed the latch for me while they were here. By that time the battery was dead, it was parked in a bad place to get to with the van, and it was the end of an exhausting weekend so I just left it alone. Since then every time I think about jumping it it's been raining, or I'm busy with something else, or I'm sick and don’t want to deal with it, etc. Well, now it had to move so with a lot of careful maneuvering into a tight spot I got the van in position to jump it and....nothing. I don't know if a helpful rodent has chewed a wire or what but it won't jump. I decided I would call a tow truck when I got done with the dealership so I could get it out of the way. 

Turns out they planned to follow me to my place. When I explained that there was a truck in the way they said they could deal with that. The handy man who did the connections for me met us at my place and between them they got it moved, but even popping the clutch wouldn't crank it. I see an expensive trip to the mechanic in it's future. After this weekend I'm very, very, broke so it's gonna have to wait.

The walk through revealed features I didn't know this place had. Like external hot and cold water that you can attach an optional hand shower to and a built in antenna with booster. 

The set up went better than expected except it involved two trips to town to get stuff for the guy. On an average weekend I never leave my yard. I made 4 trips into town yesterday and two today. 

They got everything done except the phone jacks. With a promise to come back this morning they headed out just in time for me to be fashionably late meeting a friend for dinner. 

I hadn't seen C in forever so we had a good time and I brought her back to see the place and basked in her praise of it.
When she left I decided to sleep on the sofa bed since I don't know what county my two sets of queen sheets are in and I wanted to try it out before I have overnight company. I can't get the thing open. I pulled so hard I moved the couch an inch or so but no matter what part of it I tug on first I can't make it work. It keep hitting the bottom of the couch back and I couldn't figure out a way to pull it out where it didn't. I may need to call the dealer. I ended up sleeping in my bedroom after all, just on top of the bedspread that came with it. 

When I got to sleep that is, after 3 am. Too much diet coke over dinner meant no matter how tired I was I just couldn't get to sleep.
Today, the telephone jacks were installed and I started moving a few things over before heading over to a family BBQ. I planned to get more done this afternoon but I ended up bringing my cousin Ren over and we watched AMVs and just generally hung out. I've had my new place less than 2 days and already I've had a guest over every night. 

Next weekend Edward is coming over to do a marathon gaming session and I haven't had time to prep yet. Tomorrow I've got to buckle down and get to finishing the scenario I'm running. I'm ripping off some ideas from El-Hazard. It's a good thing he doesn't watch much anime. 

So, here I sit in my new home. I can't help looking around and grinning from time to time.
Tags: gaming, home ownership, real life
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