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Spam, spam, spamity spam...er..I mean...More from the con.

So, what am I actually doing other than bugging you guys today?

I got to sit and listen to Frederik Pohl answer questions for an hour. He's 88 now but the oldest person in the room was a 91-year-old lady who wanted to know if it might be too late for her to try and get published. He told her to go for it.

Best line: The way to learn to be a writer is to keep writing until it gets good.

The panel on "Unreal Florida" reminded me of what I already knew but don't really think of often enough: Florida IS fantasy land and you guys would NOT believe half the stuff that really goes on here if you saw it in a book. The discussion covered books that have used Florida locations, especially Piers Anthony's Xanth books, as well as weird Florida locations that the panelists would like to see used, like the Skunk Ape Museum.

After a lunch break I went to see Neil Gaiman's Star Dust for the first time. This movie is so totally excellent! I can't share the best bits without spoiling them for you. Just watch it ASAP. You won't regret the rental. I've gotta buy it now, myself.

I went back to the room and after a snack I got back into my kimono and did my make up and went and had a professional portrait done. I'll be getting the Jpegs via email in a couple of days. Ahead of me was a guy with a perfect Green Arrow costume. He even had boxing glove arrows.

There's a guy in a bad Inuyasha costume running around who is really cute. Pity I'm old enough to be his mom. He gave in to the allure of a tail too and before the day was over he was sporting one just like mine. Early this morning he took Kirara for a drag through the lobby.

We also have two adorable retriever puppies down stairs. The convention donates a big chunk to Kids and Canines, a local group that sponsors at risk kids to foster future service dogs and these little guys are getting in some valuable socialization.

I want a puppy soooooo bad.

Right now we're waiting for them to finish resetting things to recombine the three meeting spaces back into the big ballroom and set up the stage for the costume contest. If the contest entries are better than the hall costumes we are in for a treat.

I'm going to at least visit the dance afterwards and maybe drift through the filk room to kill time before the midnight sex in fiction panel.

I've got some more pictures from wandering around, including some of the puppies but I've spammed you guys enough with the pics today so look for that tomorrow
Tags: necronomicon
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