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Random Thoughts After Getting Sucked Into Infinite Ficcage

Christina mentioned several times that she used Google Reader and liked it so when I discovered that a lot of the places I've got bookmarked to check once a week or so had RSS feeds I jumped in with both feet. Then I noticed that MediaMiner and Fanfiction.Net both offer RSS feeds for new fiction. It's been a little over a week since I've got all the feeds I thought I might want set up. I immediately exceeded the capacity of Reader to tell me how many unread items I had. It only goes up to 1000.

This is much better than just going to the sites and looking through new fiction. Each summary gets its own separate notice so I can go through quickly and delete stuff I don't want to read while leaving just the ones that look interesting. Hitting the J key jumps to the next notice and the M marks it for deletion so as quick as it takes to type MJ I'm on to the next  summary. I don't have to worry about losing my place or having to bookmark a story if I'm not going to have time to get to it. The summary will stay until I tell it to go away. I can star them, tag them, and even email them complete if I want to recommend something to someone.

The good news is I'm finding a lot of stuff I'd never see otherwise. There are some really excellent stories that I would have totally have missed without doing this. An A-Team/Lilo & Stich crossover fic? Who knew there was even A-Team fanfiction to start with? BEETLEJUICE VS THE MASK? Set in the cartoon series realities? Oh! Yes! Plus stuff from my regular fandoms too. Hello good new Sherlock Holmes authors!

The bad news is I'm finding a lot of stuff I'd never see otherwise. I'm finding some really awful stories that kill brain cells just from reading the summaries that I never would have been exposed to without this. Gomer Pyle slash? An X-Men/IY crossover with Kagome getting pregnant from a one-night stand with Wolverine????????????????????????????

::is ded::

I'm just getting over a flu type thing passed along by a considerate co-worker who stood over my desk coughing when he dragged himself in to work and wanted me to check if there was any way to make up his hours before the end of the pay period so I used that as an excuse to stay on the couch mostly this past weekend and glut on fanfic in between doing research for a story I'm working on. Not only was I reading new stuff from the feed but looking up some older works by authors whose stuff I liked that I found this way.

After yelling at the screen or cheering once or twice I decided to just write some of the thoughts I'm having down.

In no particular order:

~If someone is skimming through a LOT of summaries, and they don't like to read unfinished serials by people they don't know, marking your drabble collection as a work in progress will hurt you. I don't know how many of these I hit delete on before I caught "drabble" as it blipped by and realized they were in the mix.

~A sure way to stop me from leaving any comment on your story at all, even if it's the best thing I've read all week, is to put in an author's note stating that you won't continue it until you receive a review, even if it's finished now and you wrote that a year ago. An author's note on every other chapter whining about the lack of reviews even without the blackmail will take a realy excellent story to overcome my desire to spite you.

~To the person reading a completed 20 chapter fic having to read the constant apologizing for not posting "on time" gets very annoying. Especially when the chapters are very short. It's nice that you care about your readers enough to offer an apology but the constant repetition of excuses isn't.  if you're late for your self-imposed deadline once apologize - in your profile would be best - but if it happens again then just say that you won't be sticking to a schedule, direct the reader to the various ways they can get notifications, and post as you can. Or go back and edit once you've done with the story and take those comments out.

~If you put in your summary that the story is not any good, you aren't good at summaries so you refuse to do one, you haven't had a chance to spell check it yet, or there are basic grammar issues or L33T speak in the summary then into the trash it goes. The summary is your chance to sell your story to potential readers. Don't screw it up. On the other hand, thanks for not wasting my time. 

~Uncorrected spelling or grammar errors in the first paragraph will invoke the close tab or backspace key options instantly no matter how good what comes next is. Misspelling of a main character's name will also earn you scorn and derision.

~If you post a story in one of the miscellaneous categories (Misc. Manga, Misc Comics, Anime Crossovers, etc) mention the series your story is based on in the summary. Do you have any idea how many series have a Touya?

~The person who thought up Gomer Pyle slash scares me.

~Misspelling a word in your own pen name, especially in a way that is clearly not an attempt at cool, is just sad.

~If two characters are of a race that are said to be genderless in some mythologies does it count as slash even if they appear to both be male in their day to day guises and are not involved THAT way in canon? This comes up more than you might think and I really do spend time pondering this sort of thing.  

~What's with the PWP kiss fics I'm seeing all over the place? That isn't the point of PWP kids. Sheesh, talk about garden gates.

~Captain America is so very, very straight that slashing him with anybody at all falls under the heading of impossible things to believe before breakfast but if he did swing that way he has better taste than Iron man. If you like the idea of Tony Starke with a blond hunk try Thor, he's got that long bishie hair going and you know how gods are.

~Do you know how incredibly offensive it is to have the cast of Aladdin celebrating Christmas in Agribah and why?
~I read a Beetlejuice lemon and I liked it. I am officially a sick, sick woman.

~The reason that Fanfiction.Net does not have a category you can find for your original story or poem is because it's FANFICTION.net. Duh.  Don't just randomly pick a category and take up the summary explaining why it's not the right category. There are sites for your work but this isn't it.
~If you are writing fanfiction based on a shonen-ai series and you feel the need to reassure people that your story is non-slash so they  don't "flee in terror" then you show a profound  lack of understanding for the fandom. It's possible you haven't read far enough into the series to realize what you are reading yet. If so, man are you in for a shock. 
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