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Home Sweet Home

I put a down payment on a 12 x 28 brand new travel trailer this afternoon. Delivery details still have to be worked out as I have to go spend an hour or so being shown how to deal with hydraulic jacks and the like but very soon now I will have a decent place to live. 

It's NICE people. Easily the nicest residence I have ever lived in for all that its small. Brand new everything so no dealing with other people's funk! A queen size bed, The hot water heater and the fridge will work on either gas or electric so if we get another week long power failure I'll still have cold food and hot water. The batteries will hold enough juice for the lights and the water pump for 4 or 5 days. It has a largish love seat that turns into a guest bed and places for TVs in both the living room and bedroom. The kitchen table is big enough to do most craft projects and still hold the desk top I've been thinking about. 

Con's: It has a lot of storage space but without Galifreyan technology there is no way I'll be able to fit all of my books much less the rest of my crud. Good thing I have a large storage shed. 

Anyway, there is a back door directly into the bedroom so I'm not going to allow the cats into the rest of the place. They can have the run of the yard and keep using the hole in the floor in the back room of the old trailer to go in there but Pye isn't going to claw my new couch and Tanner doesn't need to pee on anything. I'm going to see if a cat door can be added so they can come and go in the bedroom.  

I had put a link to the dealer's site but it didn't work so after downloading and uploading here are pics:

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Tags: home ownership, real life
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