ranuel (ranuel) wrote,

Well, Piffle!

It's not like I wanted to go through another tropical storm, and by coming in where it did Fay will dump much needed water on the 'Glades, but I spent a lot of money getting ready yesterday and now it looks like we'll just get some severe thunderstorms. Which we get several times a week this time of year anyway.

At least I finally broke down and got a weather radio, which since I hardly ever have the TV on other than to play videos will give me warnings I would miss otherwise. And now I have my canned goods and stuff stocked up for the next storm so I'm ahead.

Bob showed me a really cool crank charger that I need to order now. It would keep my phone and PDA going and might, possibly give out enough juice to power my lap top long enough to get online to check in if the power were out for a while.


What I'm really lusting after though is a Weza


A charger that can build up enough juice to jump start your car and can be charged up ahead of time from house current or human powered. If it didn't cost times as much as the other gadget, and if I didn't have Necronomicon coming up,  I would have talked myself into it.

Tags: hurricane
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