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Inu Papa's Real Name

I found a reference a few weeks back to the twelve heavenly generals (Juuni Shinshou); Yasha (nature spirits) who were each associated with one of the twelve zodiac animals who are defenders of the Buddhist faithful.

So, if there really was a dog general and there were also eleven others how cool would it have been to have seen some of them? And is Sesshoumaru now the dog general or is the position even hereditary? Each of the twelve were present to hear Buddha speak so it might not be a hereditary position.

After a little more digging I found a list of the names of the generals:


The dog general is


Shotora Taisho*, aka in Sanskrit as Catura

I found an old drawing of Shotora Taisho with the kanji for his name here:


If someone can break it down and translate what it means I'd love to hear from you. EDIT: The picture is of "Shotora" but not the Dog. There is an alternate list of Generals that has Shotora as the Ox and that is what this picture is from.

That list has the Dog as Basara and here is a picture with Kanji of him.


I like an S name to match Seshoumaru. Anybody got a clue which is more common/more correct?

Finally, while looking for more info on Shotora/Catura I found this:


Kami protect us but they've gone and made a Digimon out of him.

Sess may need to kill something if he hears about this.

Anyway, the color associated with Shotora is blue the same color as Inu Papa's markings and he is depicted with either a mallet or a sword as his weapon.

I just thought of something. The twelve are all Yasha, each a different kind. You could probably refer to Shotora as the Inu Yasha of the group to distinguish him from the Usagi Yasha or the Uma Yasha.

*Taisho being a title here, not a surname.

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