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Book Review: Cupid

I think that this book would be really good as a book but after listening to the audio book read by Stephen Mckinley Henderson I really recommend seeking this version out. Henderson has a a wonderful purring voice that would make the phone book sexy to listen to and he does and excellent job acting out the emotions of the story.

The Narrator, who may or may not be Lester, makes frequent asides to the reader/listener about the characters and anecdotes from his own life.
Like telling us that all six of his wives cried at their weddings. It is written very much in the style of Southern storytellers and Henderson knows and uses that style effectively. I had to laugh at an Amazon review who complained that the style was "too self-conscious". Obviously he has never had the pleasure of sitting and listening to a story teller on a hot Summer day.

This is a retelling of the story of Cupid and Psyche with a few updates and modifications. I fell in love with the book on the first page where the Narrator has the first of many differences of opinion with the Story. He doesn't know the real name of the Kingdom where Psyche lives because the Story didn't think it was important to remember it so he has to make something up. He also has difficulty with making the letters do what he wants.

"I tried to write something that would give you an idea of how beautiful she was, but the letters of the alphabet got so confused and jumbled up trying to arrange themselves into words to describe someone for whom there are no words, they ended up crying in frustration. I hate trying to make words out of letters that have been crying and are so wet they can't stay on the page."

Anybody who writes can sympathize.

Cupid and Psyche are presented as young people just entering adulthood. Cupid still lives with his mother, Venus, and thinks playing practical jokes with people's hearts is amusing. Venus has encouraged him to remain with her and a large part of her hatred for Psyche is the fear that she is taking away her son's love. Both Cupid and Venus grow up a lot over the course of the book and along the way there is much good advice for the young readers who this book is aimed at.

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