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11 April 2008 @ 09:26 pm
This week has been like a good news/bad news joke and work has been running me ragged so I haven't been around much. To update, for those that care:

I worked Saturday and got a lot done (Yay!) but that made Sunday my only day off and it rained all day long so I couldn't do laundry. But, I have enough clothes to skip a weekend so that's okay. But it's supposed to rain most of THIS weekend too. Keep your fingers crossed.

Monday night I woke up with a hot flash and couldn't get to sleep for over an hour so I was dead tired all day Tuesday. I clocked out at a few minutes 'til five and headed home to an early bedtime. Wednesday I came in to find the department's AV equipment piled in an un-Godly mess of snarled cables on my desk and remembered that I was supposed to set it all up for a class that was being presented at our facility Tuesday evening. A class that my boss organized and got an outside presenter for. Busted.

Thursday I got two of our Employee recognition certificates with accompanying little key charms to hang off the Customer Service is Key pin for doing a great job helping two of my fellow employees. I guess everything does balance out.

I was pretty tired when I got home so I went to bed early again only to wake up last night with both another hot flash and a mild anxiety attack. I woke up thinking about something from nearly 10 years in the past and attempts to distract myself only lead me to brood on other stuff so i got up and read bad fanfic for an hour until i could go back to sleep.

So of course today I was wired.

We got official word today of a substantial state budget cut to Medicaid that could affect our parent corporation to the tune of 100 million dollars. We also got official word that the state panel that is considering us for  a big deal award for excellent business practices gave us a good exit review. Word on if we will get the award won't come for a couple of months.

Leap of Faith has been nominated for Best Romance: Miroku/Sango at IYFG!!!! I may get another banner from Forthright yet!

And of course the link given was to the originally posted draft here before it got cleaned up and posted to Fanfiction.net so if I were the screener who got it I'd recommend DQ for all the comma errors. I have requested a change in the link to hopefully head that off and I'm going to edit that post as soon as I finish this one to direct people to the edited version.


*For those too young to remember that stands for That Was The Week That Was.
Don't jiggle the ramune!fenikkusuken on April 12th, 2008 04:41 pm (UTC)
Oi. Glad that week's over!


Reading bad fanfic to distract yourself in the middle of the night? That would piss me off, not soothe me!
ranuel: Mini Meranuel on April 12th, 2008 05:33 pm (UTC)
*hugs back* I needed that.

Normally reading bad fanfic would piss me off too but I have stumbled on a multi-part saga that is so cosmically over the top bad that it has become entertaining in the same way that B SF movies from the '50s are.

I mean come on, how can you not read in semi-horrified fascination a story in which Sesshoumaru is half-unicorn with a hanyou son, Miroku and Kenshin are best friends who live next door to one another and right up the street from Yusuke and Keiko whose son is in a relationship with Vash's daughter whose mother is in a relationship with both Kurama and Inuyasha and who co-rules the kingdom of Suzaku with Hotohori's son Boushin. Then Kagome and Kouga's wolf hanyou daughter gets involved with a bobcat youkai who is the half brother of Tasuki who has become a phoenix.

And that doesn't EVEN scratch the surface.

Plus it's heavily illustrated, often with badly photoshopped screen caps.

It's anime All My Children on crack.
Don't jiggle the ramune!: Whoa!fenikkusuken on April 16th, 2008 07:40 pm (UTC)
*rereads description of bad!fic again. And again.*

Ran-chan, I think you just broke my brain, so I'm not gonna let the author of this have a shot at my crippled grey matter on the grounds that I might expire.
ranuel: Brain Hurtsranuel on April 16th, 2008 08:14 pm (UTC)

And I just found a new story in the universe where 4 or 5 blatant Mary Sues (odd hair and eye color, spechul, not understood, mistreated, immediately loved by the canon characters) are shipped in from modern Tokyo by Souta who is a high school councilor who thinks that sending them to a land where there are things with big nasty teeth and a taste for the other white meat would be good for them. Although, not in the way that you might hope.

You really need to get a new chapter out and save me.
Don't jiggle the ramune!fenikkusuken on April 16th, 2008 08:50 pm (UTC)
You really need to get a new chapter out and save me.

Be careful what you wish for! I'm putting the finishing touches on the first half of the two-part Final Battle sequence. I'll send it your way to be abused reviewed as soon as I've given it another once-over.