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Fanfic Recs

This time I've got two from the Buffyverse

Title: Nights Like These
Author: Leni
Fandom: Buffy
Pairing: Xander/Willow
Rating:  M for lemon goodness
One Shot
Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2487625/1/Nights_Like_These

Not a PWP but a serious look at these two and how they might find their way together some day. If JW is nice this IS what will happen with these two. I've been rooting for this since episode one and Leni handles it very well.

Title: Vivere
Author: Rheanna
Fandom: Angel
Rating: M
Summary: What does it mean, to be alive?
Six longish chapters
Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/302890/1/Vivere

Really excellent in all aspects.

In addition to the question in the author's summary this story also asks what if shortly after "Epiphany", midway through season two, the gang had to go out to stop an apocalypse and everyone made it back except Angel?

It's eight years later in an alternate time line and Angel Investigations has prospered under the leadership of Cordelia and Wesley. The two of them, along with Gunn, Kate, Lindsay, and Faith, are a mostly smoothly working team taking a mix of paying cases and "specials" that have allowed them to pay everyone a steady salary while still bringing hope to the hopeless. Then a new client named Adam Michaels throws everything into chaos when he goes to them for help and they learn that there may be a way to get Angel back.

The story is told in rotating first person and Rheanna gets everyone's voice note perfect. It's often possible to guess who the narrator is before he or she is named just from the speech pattern. Characterization is dead on as well with believable changes due to time having passed.

On the whole I like this future much better than the mess of the later seasons of the show.


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