ranuel (ranuel) wrote,

*headdesk* Beam Me Up!

Remember the laptop I ordered last week? Well, I got an email that day saying that there was a short hold on the order while my credit card info was verified and I should be hearing from them within 48 hours and I didn't need to do anything or contact anybody in the meantime.

48 hours later I hadn't heard anything from Wal*Mart or my credit card company and the charge hadn't posted so I went to the website and found that I'd entered one number wrong on my PO Box on my billing address. It wasn't the zip code, everything else was correct nobody had emailed or called about it so I just fixed it and went back to waiting. On Saturday I got an email from my credit card company generated by a customer service contact I didn't make so I figured they've finally got around to processing the order.

Today, still no charge and no word so I went to the order status screen and found it had been canceled. There are no comments as to why.


*gasp* *ahem*

So, I emailed the help email since Walmart no longer has telephone support for web orders and got a bot generated response that addressed absolutely nothing in my email beyond the subject line.

At least I hope it was bot generated 'cause if a person did that then they need to be fired.

I just emailed them again and mentioned that if I don't hear from them I'm going to try to place the order again and hope it was the one number difference in the PO box that caused the issue and if not then I'm going to have to buy elsewhere.

All of that means that I've got to hope that this laptop keeps going for AT LEAST another two weeks.

Then I found out my camera isn't working. I put in fresh batteries and a little power light goes on briefly and then nothing else happens. I'm going to try and track down the power cord and plug it in directly to see if that makes a difference.

What else could go wrong?

Well, in other news, my friend Edward has been called up and he asked me to go into Gainesville today to meet up with him and some other friends at the Medieval Faire so we can say goodbye before he goes back to the Devil's Sandbox.

He stood me up.

Granted he just 10 minutes ago called to tell me that he got held up out of town and just made it into Gainesville but it's not like he couldn't have called me to tell me that.

So, I drove an hour each way and spent the afternoon at the faire when I hadn't had any plans to go at all. This was a mixed thing. On the one hand with gas both ways, faire admission, and two meals out I'm out money that I really should have saved.

On the other hand I also spent $35 I shouldn't have on the most amazing pen. It's made of beautiful cobalt blue hand blown glass with a clear glass nib and it writes like a dream. The round nib is all one piece with the stem so there are fonts that I won't be able to use it for but it will work great for general every day writing.

It has no electronic or moving parts so if I can keep from dropping it it should be the one thing that doesn't stop working around here.
Tags: cool stuff, interesting times, real life
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