ranuel (ranuel) wrote,

Slipping Back Into the Stone Ages

Still having to sit very still to let my laptop charge but it's still going. NOW it's the propane system that has failed.

I use two of the bigger RV tanks and at this time of the year when usage is highest I can get two weeks out of each one. I just switched over to the second tank last weekend but I got up Thursday and when I tried to light the stove to make breakfast nothing happened. The space heater was going so I hadn't noticed that the furnace had turned off too but I fiddled with the thermostat to make it come on and got cold air, then I switched the fridge from electric to gas and got the flashing no gas available light.

So, thinking it's odd that I've gone through a tank that fast, and wondering if it's leaky, I go out with a flashlight to switch tanks and find that the tank IS about half full, just like I expected. Well, maybe something is wrong with it.

I hooked up the little BBQ size tank I keep on hand as a back up but the little tank didn't do anything either, everything is hooked up correctly, and I'm was running late so I had to leave it.

After asking around I know I either have something wrong with the regulator or a clog in the line. If I'm lucky it's just that the screen on the regulator is clogged because anything else will require a repair man. I wasn't able to check it because I get home after dark and I got up this morning to 40F temps and a steady rain so I'm not sure when I'll go out to deal with it.

It was 50 in my living room this morning since I don't trust the cats enough to leave the space heater on overnight. I'm going to have to cook breakfast on a little sterno stove. At least I have a warm comforter and a heating pad.

This is when you really need a man around the house to send out into the freezing rain with a strong cup of coffee to deal with stuff like this.

ETA: I haz gas! *snerk*

All I did was blow in the regulator reconnect everything and voila!
Tags: home ownership, interesting times, real life
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