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Card Captor Sakura Recs

Title: House of Cards
Author: Aishuu / Deva-esque (The author uses both names)
Fandom: Card Captor Sakura
Pairing: Touya/Yuki
Summary: Touya teaches Yukito how to play poker. It's a move he sometimes regrets, especially during their class' final field trip in their senior year.
Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3243677/1/House_of_Cards

Touya and Yuki are 80% of why I like CCS and despite tons of slash out there for non-canon couples in every fandom this canon pair just doesn't get enough love from fanfic writers and when they do it's often not very good. I went looking and got lucky enough to find two great stories. This is a sweet bit of fluff with a discrete fade at the end but just a hug with a promise of more is better with these two in character than a pointless lemon. Probably not for those who aren't familiar with the series.

Title: Proof of Identity
Author Madhumalati
Fandom: Card Captor Sakura
Pairing Touya/Yuki
Summary: The simplest things gain significance when everything you thought was true...wasn't and letting go can be harder than it seems. TYY, implied shounenai
Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3431456/1/Proof_of_identity

It's hard enough to figure out who you are if you are a normal teenager but Yuki has to deal with finding out that he is the construct of a construct. This vignette avoids heaping on the angst in an inherently angsty situation and has excellent characterization of both Yuki and Touya. A non-fan could probably enjoy it without getting lost.

For those unfamiliar with CCS the sorcerer Clow Reed created a magical being named Yue to serve as one of the guardians of a deck of living cards he was creating. After Clow's death the cards were dormant but when the time came near for his heir to awaken them Yue created the form of Yukito, a human teenager, and gave him false memories so he could lead a normal life. He then placed himself within Yuki so he could be near Sakura, the one who was destined to receive the cards. In the course of the story Yue awakens but Yuki continues to exist. It's not quite possession and not quite multiple personality and when Yuki learns the truth figuring out what is real isn't easy.
Tags: card captor sakura, fanfic recommendations
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