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After  the initial confusion it went great. I was pretty nervious at first, especially when it took me several tries to come up with a voice he liked for one of the characters but I got over that and it was really fun. I'm in but I don't know as who. I have one of two parts; R had me and another girl do both and he will decide later who does which. One is an 11 year old boy and the other is his mom, an officer on a space ship. 

The boy was hard, especially doing it cold. It would become easier to hold with practice but I don't think it would get easier on my throat. The mom was a normal voice. I just had to temporarily eject brain cells to do some of her lines; she's a bit of a ditz.  My favorite bits were the screaming. Heh. No, I'm not giving any more details on the story. It's not my place to blab, if things go well you can see for yourself one day. 

So, now it's up to R to get financing and distribution so he can animate this thing. The studio says they will do it once he has those in place. The deal is that we did our work for nothing up front as a favor to R and we'll get paid the session fee if it sells. The session fee is about twice my weekly salary so that would be a nice bonus.

I wasn't there when the other girl did her turn so I have no clue which of us would be better for which. It must be close though or I think R would have told me. 

There was one other actor in the session with me and he was really fun to work with and patient with me. Acting for a cartoon is a whole new game. On stage you anticipate the other person's line so you can react to it quickly if it's a tense situation. For animation, it doesn't matter what is going on there needs to be a beat between so that they can edit things together the way they want it. I had to do several lines over just because I forgot and jumped in too fast. I also had to keep making things bigger and more OTT.

It would have been nice just to see R again after all these years or to get to do work like this. Getting to do both at once was a great Christmas present.

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