ranuel (ranuel) wrote,

I Hate It when I'm Right

I got one of forthrightly's lovely banners just for being nominated which makes it much better . When I was nominated this quarter I didn't expect to win, I was really happy to be seconded even, but dead last a couple of slots below "No award should be given" is somewhat embarrassing. I feel a bit like Charlie Brown.

- Divinations of a Curious Nature by Abraxas, 11 votes, 22.92%
- Goldenrod by Fenikkusuken, 7 votes, 14.58%
- Miroku Meditates by Knittingknots, 6 votes, 12.50%
- InuYasha's Dream by Knittingknots, 5 votes, 10.42%
- The Power to Protect by Ginger Bits, 5 votes, 10.42%
- Sometimes The Wind by Knittingknots, 5 votes, 10.42%
- The Journey's End: An Epic Poem by JediK1, 3 votes, 6.25%
- No Award Should be Given, 3 votes, 6.25%
- Kissing and Quotients by Silent Scribe, 2 votes, 4.17%
- Resurrection by Ranuel, 1 votes, 2.08%

No, that one vote wasn't mine, the poem I voted for didn't win either though.

Really, being considered the 9th best poem of the quarter is pretty darn good given it's the first poetry I've done in years and how much IY poetry is out there.

Congratulations to Abraxas (AKA Ren), fenikkusuken, and Knittingknots for their wins.
Tags: iyfg, writing
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