ranuel (ranuel) wrote,

*Cautiously Sticks Head Up*

Three weeks? I haven't updated in three weeks?

Time sure flies when you're having bunches of no fun. I guess I need to do a general catch up what's going on sort of thing.

The cold I had the last time I posted mostly went away but I was still tired and dragging and not feeling up to much and then just in time for the holiday weekend it came back. This weekend though I finally feel like doing stuff and I'm starting to excavate from three weeks of just doing enough around the house to keep me fed and clothed and to keep the cats from rebelling.

My aunt passed out and fell in the bathroom and was on the floor for an hour before anybody found her. When they took her to the hospital they didn't find anything but a lot of bruising so they sent her home. A week later she still couldn't stand up and was in more pain so back to the hospital where they found that they missed her fractured leg entirely.

She got transported to the trauma unit at the large teaching hospital owned by my employer where they did surgery to put in a steel rod to hold things together since her osteoporoses is so bad they didn't think it would heal otherwise. She can't put any weight at all on that leg until at least two weeks post surgery when they will evaluate her again.

Because of not being able to get up she is spending that time at a skilled nursing facility where she will get physical therapy. She's pretty frail but if she can make it without catching a bad cold or something before they have a chance to build her up a bit then she should be okay for now but facing facts she's 78, and not a spry healthy 78, so this may be the beginning of the long slide to the end.

I've been trying to get over to see her at least two or three times a week. I've had a nasty couple of weeks at work too so several times when I got home I went straight to bed without even turning on the computer.

Anyway, I'll try not to go so long without posting again.

Thanks to Feni for poking me and reminding me that I was MIA.
Tags: interesting times, real life
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