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Sharper Than A Serpant's Tooth

I love the world of Pern and it's characters. I have read almost all of the books and I also own the People of Pern art book. This is a truly amazing work with portraits of all the major and a lot of the minor characters from the series. The original of Master Harper Robinton was purchased by Anne McCaffrey and has a place of honor in her home. If you like Pern at all then you really should see if your local library has this and go drool.

I say local library and not a bookstore or Amazon because I don't think I'll be spending any money on anything Pern related anymore unless it's used and the money won't be going to the McCaffreys.

I say the McCaffreys and not Anne because, while I still like and admire the author, her son, who seems to be managing the business end of things now, is an ass and I really don't want to be contributing to his inheritance.

This link


EDIT 9/7/16 Studio 360 reorganized their site so the above linnk is dead. Here is the new one:

Takes you to an episode of the radio program Studio 360 which you can listen to if you have a halfway decent connection. The Fan Fiction piece from this episode features his harassment of a fan artist for putting pictures of dragons up on the 'net.

Now, The People of Pern book that I love so much had it's start with an artist showing Anne her own fan work at a convention art show and Anne loving it so much that she not only bought one of the paintings but gave the artist a chance to be published professionally and yet, here we have her business manager son threatening legal action over work that isn't even directly derived from the series but was original work that the artist had done after being inspired to draw dragons by being active in the fandom.

He has a right to defend legitimate copyright infringement, and it's his duty as her manager, but as described this wasn't copyright infringement. He strikes me as a bully who is more interested in maximizing his own profit from something he didn't create than he is in his mother's own love of fostering creativity among her fans.

I figure Anne probably has enough to live on for the rest of her life at this point so not spending money on Pern won't hurt her, and if I'm wrong and I hear about her being in financial difficulty I'll change my mind and I'm sure anybody reading this would do the same. I might even, once my mad wears off, decide to continue to buy her stuff as long as she lives but not past that point.

It's a shame someone as nice as she is should have to deal with a son like that.

Edited to fix a typo and insert something I meant to and didn't.

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