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30 September 2007 @ 09:20 pm
I got a review at FF.Net for Resurrection! My first review at FFNet! And it's not even from a friend,  somebody random just found it and liked it!

This post needs more exclamation marks!!!!!!!

(Deleted comment)
ranuelranuel on October 3rd, 2007 10:56 pm (UTC)
Thanks, Fano has an icon that I wish I had that would be perfect for that.
ranuel: Panty Hat Inuranuel on October 7th, 2007 04:57 pm (UTC)
Got it!
It wasn't Fano it was Quillwing717 but I got the loan of the frilly headgear.

More importantly I got another review and this time she added my poem to her favorites list!!!!!!!!

Yes, I totally scared the cats.