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I Jinxed It

Too long ago I was a theatre major. A guy I went to high school and college with who was part of the same group of theatre geeks currently lives in China and works for an animation studio. He has been pitching them series ideas for a while now and they're interested in doing one of them. I got an email out of the blue saying auditions for the voice parts would be this week. He was coming home to see his family for the holidays and work on getting his show going at the same time.

Yay, R!

And he specifically wanted me to read for three parts.

Yay me!

So, after some emails and a couple of phone calls he ended up dropping by my office at the end of the work day to give me the script. We ended up hanging out for about an hour after I got off work while I read it and he couldn't resist reading over my shoulder and doing most of the voices. It was great to see him, it's probably been over 15 years since the last time I saw him in person.

Anyway, since he was sure he wanted me to do recorded voice samples he said I didn't need to go to the general audition but I could drive down to Orlando Monday or Tuesday to do the samples. He'd get back with me on a time. I told him Tuesday would work better since I had to do the department time edits for the weekend first thing Monday before payroll closed and he agreed that would be okay.

So far so good. I'm feeling very happy, and very excited even though I keep telling myself to knock it off.  Until I'm standing in front of a mike it's not real yet and I could still get hit by a bus. But then I also tell myself that the last 12 months have been, on the whole, utter crap, and I've maybe paid for something good in advance. Getting to do more voice acting than recording a radio spot advertising one of our plays, even if the pilot met the fate of most pilots and never even made it on air, would be a dream come true.

I was to get a call after the general audition Sunday as to when to show up.

I'm still waiting.

I have no idea what's going on. I don't have his cell number, just his email address. HE could have been hit by a bus. He could have decided after talking to me for the first time in years that he really didn't want me after all. The studio time could have fallen through. The earth wasn't hit by a random meteorite but other than that I have no clue.

So, yesterday instead of driving down to Orlando and fulfilling a fantasy, I went to work as usual. And just because Spider Robinson is right, God is an iron, it was one of the more awful days at work in a while. After they finished running last week's time calculations yesterday afternoon the system glitched and stopped talking to the time clocks so as of 10am yesterday an estimated 6000 punches were missing for this week. But they think they can recover them so the department time keepers won't have to enter stuff by hand. I have 50 + people so I'm hoping it works.

The brand new, had less than two weeks, fax machine for our outpatient clinic, which totally depends on its fax, is broken. The roller thingy that pulls the original through is in two pieces. It could be a manufacturer's defect but I suspect that someone had a more active hand in it. That the person who reported the issue was happy about it being broken and asked if we could get one just like the old one instead may have something to do with my nasty suspicious frame of mind. No, sorry, they don't make that one anymore, this one is under warrantee, so we will just ship it back and get a replacement. In the meantime you will have to borrow one that does not also let you copy insurance cards so you will have to make constant trips to the copier up the hall in the week it's going to take to swap it out. Have fun.

Stress being when you desperately want to commit grievous bodily harm and are not allowed to, I ended up with a tension headache by lunch.

Last week I discovered that the OTs were saving patient notes to a file on the back up drive instead of the primary one so none of that was getting backed up. After asking the clerk who enters most of it if it were okay, I moved it. Apparently there was some sort of network ju ju that kept those without proper clearance from seeing it and by moving it I banished that even after it was moved back so now anybody with a general password to the system can access that info instead of just the OTs, which with HIPAA isn't the preferred way to do things so now IS has to set it up again.

My bank account is the lowest it's been in 5 years and the battery on my computer decided to die. $130. Oh. Joy.

Anyway, if I hear from R I'll let you know. More good vibes probably wouldn't hurt.

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