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Arts for the Senses

My employer made a big donation to a local charity's fund raiser and so there were a few free tickets available for those who wanted them. It was an art show with live jazz so it sounded like a fun evening. If I'd have had to pay for my ticket it would have cost $35.

I realized that I hadn't been clothes shopping in over a year and my daily wardrobe is showing it and my dressier clothes are still in storage so I hit the mall and somehow between Pennys and Belks I lost my mind.

On the plus side I got two skirts, two belts, a blouse, three pairs of shoes, and a pair of tights for around $100 because EVERYBODY had clearance sales. On the negative side I spent $100 by being motivated to attend a FREE event. But then again all of it is stuff I can wear to work and I needed new work clothes so I guess it's okay. But still. Eep!

The event itself was a bit of a let down. The music was excellent but there was nowhere to sit down and listen and there is only so long I could stay on my feet in even 1 inch heels when I haven't worn any at all for nearly a year. The AC wasn't keeping up with the crowd so that added to the discomfort. There wasn't as much on display as I'd thought and it took me less than half an hour to see all the stuff. I went back and browsed through some of it again and killed another 15 minutes. There was an impressive buffet but most of it was things I either don't eat or can't eat. I did get a nice chocolate dipped strawberry though.

There was a mix of really good and really lame art but the thing that got me was the prices on all of it. Some of it was within my personal artistic ability to produce but I'd long since given up on painting because I didn't think I had any talent and if I had ever had the idea to produce decorative wall hangings from scavenged junk I wouldn't have had the balls to charge $150 for it.

There was a photographer there who had some pieces that weren't as good as some of my best who was selling large prints in cheap frames for $600.

One silversmith had some jewelry that wasn't nearly as good as stuff I've seen at SCA events and SF cons that was selling for astronomical prices.

Understand, I'm not heaping scorn on these people, I'm amazed that they had the guts to keep on with their art and charge those sorts of prices. Chutzpah really is more important than talent when it comes to being a professional artist.
Tags: rant, real life
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