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I realized that there have been various and sundry goings on that I haven't mentioned anywhere so here's an update in no particular order.

I sold the last of Daddy's junk cars without even advertising it. The red 1976 AMC pacer is no longer a contender for worlds ugliest lawn ornament. Instead the nice insane couple are going to restore it to working condition. Without a junk car in the yard it feels a bit less like Redneck Acres.

The extra cash is nice too. That plus the third check we'll get this month will finally get me out of the hole that the down payment on the trailer put me into back in January. Yay! I still won't be able to afford to go to Necronomicon this year though.

Even though I WON THE LOTTO for $4. *sigh* God is an iron.

I got a visit from some very nice girls from my alma mater St. Leo University who are traveling around interviewing alumni as part of a project to develope new outreach programs for us. I got a very nice pocket portfolio with the school logo, a nice big window decal, and they asked someone to take our picture before they left.

So, here we are and this is my new hair(less) do. I'm the one in the middle.

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Most exciting of all I was asked to beta for an author who I really, really respect. I don't know if she wants me to mention her name or not so she shall remain anonymous unless she outs herself. It really meant a lot to be asked.

What else? On the down side I've been having chronic mild migraines still. People at work are still pissing me off. I've gained weight and really, really need to get back to taking my lunch to work instead of hitting the drive through. That about covers it. 


Tags: health, home ownership, pics, real life
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