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Avery Label Printer

In July 2005 I won a Avery Personal Label Printer from Avery when I sent in a promotional thing that came in a box of labels. These run around $150 so I was quite happy to win it. The thing was coolness. It printed one thermal transfer label at a time so no more running the same sheet of 30 count labels through the regular printer until they turned gray. 

Back in March it stopped working.  I emailed support. I did what they said. I emailed support again. Still nothing worked. I brought in my laptop from home and hooked it to it in case the issue was with something IS had screwed up. After half an hour of getting connected via dialup finding the driver and downloading it. NOTHING. 

Then I tried one last time and one of the labels decided it had been through once too often and unpeeled and attached itself to the inside. 

I called Avery and got an Asian phone center with a guy who was totally not helpful. He told to call the software support center which turned out to have native English speakers. They asked if I had done all the things I've done and then said they'd send me a cleaning card that might clear the printing problem. 

And if that doesn't work? Well, it's out of warranty (which I knew) and they don't repair the printers or authorize anybody else to fix them. If it's under warranty  they'll swap it out, but if it's past a year old your choice is to buy a new one or go without.  

I now have what amounts to an odd paperweight and the only reason I'm not furious is they gave it to me for free so all I'm out is time trying to fix it.

Of course there is no way to email them from thier website with a complaint. Just to ask one of several pre-listed questions. 

So, if you are okay with spending what amounts to $75 a year for the ease of being able to print one label at a time and you don't mind a distinct lack of good customer service then I'd recommend one of these highly. 

If, on the other hand you expect something to either last a long time or be repairable then don't bother. I wouldn't recommend buying anything else from Avery except for their labels either. 
Tags: interesting times, real life
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