ranuel (ranuel) wrote,

Last Bugaboo Post

The fire is officially over as of June 6th. The final total was 600,000 acres of South Georgia and North Florida burned. Of course this didn't make the headlines so I only found out today when I heard the really good news that the rescued bears are well and were released today.

The only thing I could find online was this teaser from one of the TV News programs.


The slide show has some good shots though.

In a bit of irony I got woke up by my smoke alarm this weekend when my neighbors decided to ignore the burn ban and burn leaves. Apparently the wind was just right and enough was sucked in by the AC, which is less then 3 feet from the smoke detector, to set it off for a minute.

When the smoke was so bad outside I had to wear a face mask it never set off the alarm. Cooking a hamburger without the exhaust fan running will, the neighbors being idiots will, but smoke so thick it looked like fog didn't.
Tags: fire, interesting times, real life
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