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31 May 2007 @ 05:58 am
More Articles on LJ Debacle  
The Inquirer (No not that one) points out "[I]f you want a community that burns books, does not like science fiction, suppresses talk about sexuality, or anything that departs from a norm defined by a US pressure group, then Live Journal is the place for you."


Firefox News has an article about the backlash


and a nice column by Leva Cygnet exploring the implications.


Slashdot has posted a short blurb.


And this just in


Live Journal's CEO posted a public apology over night and promises an individual review of the suspended accounts and a restoration of those that were hit by mistake.

There are already 47 PAGES of responses at 6:58am and he posted at 12:47am.

As one blogger put it they realized "Oh no! We've pissed off our CUSTOMERS!"

Still, the whole thing was not the First Amendment's best day and I expect to see fall out for some time to come, especially if other sites get targeted by the Warriors.