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Live Journal Purge

Today Live Journal purged hundreds of blogs without warning. The stated intent was to get rid of the blogs of pedophiles however to
accomplish this they simply did a key word search and deleted blogs that had certain terms listed in their interest section EVEN IF those blogs were by survivors dealing with their experiences.

Many, if not all, support communities include key words that we already know are banned. As one person asked, if a rape survivor were to search for a support community how would she find it if we can't list rape under the key words?

Not only that but many fiction groups, both fanfic and original, found themselves shut down, even if they banned erotica involving children, if they had several of the key words listed. I personally know of one LJ community that got shut down because it had stories featuring the incestuous pairing of Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru so incest even between adults is enough to trigger the axe.

To make matters worse moderators of some of the affected communities have posted about this in their personal journals and quoted correspondence from LJ staff that state that LJ feels that it is within its rights to delete any blog that lists "illegal activity" in the interest section. That's an awfully broad term and so far LJ has refused to get more specific.

I'm pretty sure that marriage between cousins (incest) is legal in more places than marriage between same sex couples so would "gay marriage" get you deleted?

Nobody knows yet and people are running scared. There are confirmed reports of people deleting their own journals with plans of undelete them before the time limit before permanent loss of material passes in order to "hide".

Here is the only press report so far:

Although a group calling itself "Warriors for Innocence" was suposedly the catalyst the "group" seems to consist of one person whose personal blog, http://suesviews2.blogspot.com/ has a confederate flag, proudly proclaims her to be a member of the "redneck mafia" and has right wing slogans pasted all over.

The Warriors for Innocence site is here
<http://www.warriorsforinnocence.org/> but DO NOT go there bareback as it is infested with spyware. Also be warned that at least some of it is deliberate and she has tracked people back to the sites where they clicked so I have put the brackets there to keep you from clicking directly. Just open a new tab or window and copy/paste without the brackets if you want to check her out*.

Lawyers are being consulted and petitions signed but when you get right down to it LJ is a commercial site and it may be morally wrong but they are within their legal rights to do this just as I and many others are within our rights to choose not to ever upgrade to a paid account or to downgrade to a free account.

I'm leaving my blog where it is for now. I'm blanking out my interest list and I'm downloading a utility that will let me back up those posts that I haven't got saved somewhere. I don't think I've ever posted anything they could take issue with but then neither did a few hundred other people before today.

*I'm cross posting this to several locations with minor location specific edits and some are better suited to taking on trolls than others. I'd prefer WASIF and ASIF be relatively wank free and I don't really want her on my blog but I'd love someone like Wombat to get a crack at her.
Tags: interesting times, lj quirks, strikethrough, wank
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