ranuel (ranuel) wrote,

Hopefully the Next to the Last Fire Post

As of yesterday evening the fire was 90% contained! We got a nice long shower Thursday night that helped raise the humidity levels even though it wasn't anywhere near enough rain to make a difference to our drought. Despite wind gusts of up to 50 mph in Jacksonville that toppled trees the wind here near the fire stayed in the 10 - 15 MPH range so we didn't see any more big jumps. Since then there has been almost no wind to speak of.

They have the fire completely surrounded by fire breaks but apparently they don't count it as contained until the fire actually reaches a fire break and fails to jump it. Since the calm weather is expected to hold for the next several days and the fire planes have been at it pretty steady all weekend it doesn't look likely to make a break for it.

The smoke was worse than ever yesterday but then a fire always gets a lot smokier before it dies out so that wasn't a bad sign.

I'll post about this one more time when the crisis is officially over but unless things go bad I'll be back to movie reviews, interesting links, and grumbling about writers who don't do their research.

Government types are saying that Bugaboo was the biggest fire in Florida history. 
Tags: fire, interesting times, real life
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