ranuel (ranuel) wrote,

Rain, Rain, Come This Way

We actually got about 20 minutes of light rain last night and it cleared most of the smoke away. The prevailing winds today weren't toward me so more didn't come drifting in and by this afternoon it was pretty normal out.

Unfortunately the winds also pushed the fire, although not closer towards me, and new areas had to be evacuated. The fire is still only 30% contained and has consumed over 300 square miles. In the way now is the city of White Springs which has many Victorian houses left over from when it was a health resort. It is also home to the Stephen Foster Center which has a beautiful carillon tower. It is the home of the annual Florida Folk Festival which is held every Memorial Day weekend. Let's hope the wind shifts again or they contain that edge of the fire. It's not in immediate danger but I'm middling worried about it.

The animal shelter is so overwhelmed with evacuated pets that they are asking for donations of food but the human shelters are underutilized since most people are going to stay with family or friends instead of deal with the conditions at a shelter.
Tags: fire, interesting times, real life
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