November 2nd, 2013

Mini Me

Cover Art for Cedarbridge

I've committed fan art for the first time. So, I guess this means I'm officially in the James Bond fandom.

Kryptaria and stephrc79 posted Cedarbridge this week. It's a Halloween story of Q and Bond exploring an abandoned insane asylum to determine if it would be appropriate to house the Technical Services Division post Skyfall. Seems the London Historical Society is not happy about them using the Churchill tunnels and wants them out.

I don't think it would be much of a spoiler to point out that exploring abandoned insane asylums never works out well in fiction. Okay, yes, it works out well for the readers because we get some great stories that way. It's well worth a read even if you aren't that into Bond:

Anyway, I was my usual snarky self in the comments and Steph said that my comment would make a good cover so a couple of hours of fighting with the inadequate programs on my laptop later (Damn, I have new appreciation for the stuff I have at work) here's the result. If you want to see it bigger it's up on my DA account.
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