June 4th, 2010

Mini Me

I'm a Twit

Yes, Ren did it and now I am so let's all hope that Ren doesn't decide it's cool to jump off a bridge or something.

I've set the thing to post  here once a day (I think). I haven't had a lot to post that was worth an entire blog post other than fanfic recs and I'm holding off on doing those until I finish fixing the tags on the old entries so I'm sure I'm not reposting something. I do think of lots of short things during the day that I usually bug Christina with on IM that would be good for Tweets and several of those might make a good post so I"m trying it out.

First auto post of Tweets should pop up here at 7 Eastern time. Just siged up so I haven't done anything but one testing Tweet so far.