December 21st, 2008


This is what a dying fandom looks like???

Okay, I've been hearing pretty much since July how that now that the series is over and they haven't announced plans to restart the anime adaptations that Inuyasha is a dying fandom. "Oh, woe!" the cry has gone out. We'll have to be less picky in our awards communities now so we won't drive away the few remaining authors willing to put effort into a thing of the past. Everyone is moving on.


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Mini Me

On the imporatance of a will

I found an excellent blog post by Neil Gaiman about the special importance for writers to have a will with a link to a sample will that covers intellectual property.

My parents died without a will and I spent most of what little money was left after funeral expenses on legal expenses getting the mess sorted out and they were working people with a small patch of land and no investments.

I'm guilty of this myself because I just do not have the money to pay a lawyer right now, mostly because of the cost of dealing with their estate, but I urge anyone who can cough up a spare couple of hundred to insure their family doesn't have to go through additional hell after you die to do it. Make it your New Year's resolution.