October 26th, 2008

Universe is Sticking It to Me

Eep! It starts in a week?

NaNoWriMo starts Saturday and I'm still dithering on which of the two books to write. *whimper* I'm not any closer to a good title for them either. Where did the time go? 

If anyone remembers the options and cares suggestions are welcome as to what to do.

I've got a hideous migraine and cramps from hell so I don't think I'll get much prep work done today. I couldn't even concentrate enough to navigate the NaNoWriMo forum this morning.

I should make a NaNoWriMo icon if I can't find a ready made so those of you who just come by for the pretty pictures and the occasional fanfic rec can avoid the posts in which I babble on about the novel.

In the meantime tomorrow continues Hollywood Hunk month and then on Tuesday or Wednesday I hope to have another fanfic rec post up.