July 15th, 2008


ElfQuest News Flash!

Good news: 

Warner is in final negotiations for movie rights to ElfQuest. They have a director lined up and the deal looks good to go though later this week after the legal types finish dotting the "i"s  and crossing the "t"s. 


Bad news: 
Part of the deal will be merchandising rights for some unspecified time so as soon as the deal is final the Pinis will be closing their
Cafe@Press store without notice. If you want anything that's there now, better go buy it. There is no guarantee that the same items will be available from Warners.  


I've got mixed feelings about this. Yay! That there is finally going to be a movie but it's Warners and they don't exactly have a perfect track record for making movies based on comics. I'm hoping for the best but I'm going to be nervious until I see the first trailer and maybe until I see the finished movie. I'll be wearing the T-shirt I just ordered and my ears. See you there!