January 23rd, 2008

Mini Me

Just in Case

The power jack for my laptop, my only computer at home, has been the victim of high spirited felines and if the power cord isn't pressed in by my knee it won't make good enough contact to work. It also gets pretty hot. I dealt with it all weekend and its getting worse faster than expected so something needs to be done.

I've been planning on getting a new one later this year -- WAY later this year -- so I decided that instead of putting it into the shop and being cut off from everyone for a week that I'd go ahead and order a new one and hope I can keep this one going for a week before it dies.

It means that I'm getting a basic laptop without a lot of bells and whistles instead of the Macbook I've been eyeing but I was surprised to find that a 2008 basic Acer laptop at $700 has three times the hard drive size, 4 times the RAM, and half again as fast a processor as my $1800 2006 (mayb 05)HP has so that's okay.

Anyway, if I can't keep the old one going it may die without notice so if I disappear over the weekend I should be back on a limited basis on Monday when I can check some sites from work.