January 6th, 2008

Mini Me

Movie Review: Capote

I really wanted to like this movie. See, I remember Truman Capote when he was a fixture on the talk show circuit. He was one of the guests that I'd stay up late for if he was going to be on The Tonight Show. He was brilliant and snarky and could stab someone in the back with a bit of gossip while being absolutely child like and wickedly innocent. He was Puck with a soft Southern accent and one too many martinis.

As an adult I've read a fair bit of his work and really came to appreciate him as a writer instead of just a media personality. His best work is generally agreed to be In Cold Blood his ground breaking "non-fiction novel". Not only is the book jaw dropping good the movie  with Robert Blake is one of the best adaptations of a book I've ever seen. If you haven't read the book or seen the movie you need to do both as soon as you can fit it into your schedule. Be sure to allow for time after to digest them, you'll be thinking about parts of both for awhile afterwards.  Blake kicks butt as Smith and makes him a far more interesting character than Clifton Collin's emo boy in this movie.

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